Saturday, September 29, 2007

Two new items from Devil Made Me Do It

Tentacle Pool now available for sale!
Chari has had this tentacle pool as a decoration in her shop and in her home forever. And as long as she's had it, I've been bitching at her to place it for sale. She finally has. Introducing the tentacle pool -- 27 prims, environmental sounds and tentacle movement -- but no animations so y'know no tentacle sex or anything cool like that. Its a decorative piece. But way way cool. L$800 at the DMMDI main store in Brithys only.

Solo Packs of ze Nipple chains released!
By popular demand, Chari has decided to begin making individual pieces of the Chained Seduction set available as individual sets! The first being the the nipple chains. Each of these sets are color changing on the chain linked and "steel" pieces. Available in 12 texture trim sets as well as a 12 pack!

The solo packs come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Each with color changing steel. Each for L$125. The 12 Pack has all texture sets for L$1000 for a total savings of L$500. Available at the DMMDI main store in Brithys only.


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