Friday, August 31, 2007

Caligae Infernis from Devil Made Me Do It

Roman legionaires wore a type of wrap around sandal called the Caligae. These nifty wrap boot/shoes (Chari tells me they are shoes and not a boot and I think they are boots but regardless they are cool -- whatever it is they are) will not make you want to march off to war but on the off-hand chance that is your goal, you will definitely get there stylishly. The leather straps come in 12 different colors and the steel has a color change script so the color combinations, while not endless, are probably more than you want to mess with after 15 minutes of way too much fun.

These are priced at 200 a pair. She doesn't have the fat pack out yet -- I'll definitely get on her about that. In the meantime if you want a fat pack contact me in-world and I'll cut you some kind of deal for all 12 colors. Available at the DMMDI outlet in the Dark Eden Mall or the DMMDI main store in Brithys.

Kanzashi from Ookami Ningen

Very ornate kanzashi often adorned geisha or high class courtesans (Oiran) as jewelry really wasn't worn. While these are great for Japanese role play they are also a great way to dramatically enhance a simple hairdo for a show stopper look.
They come in 8 color combos and are transfer only.

The colors are gold, gold/pink, gold/purple, gold/red, silver, silver/pink. silver/purple and silver/red and only 75L each.

Available now at the Ookami Ningen outlet in the Dark Eden mall or at the Ookami Ningen main store in Crimson.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Latex Kimonos from Ookami Ningen

These are a little departure form the norm for Zorena but I saw one in real life and asked her to make them because she loves me. So she did. And they are really sooper cool. They came out about a week ago but as most of you know I was really involved in the SLCC and so I haven't had time to devote to Zore or Dark Eden or... well anyone outside of the SLCC really. But its over and I'm back!

The kimonos come in black and white and I have been begging her to add a few other colors.

The parasol is scripted with a pose and a few tiny raindrops that bounce on the surface of it. Sculpted dahlias adorn the headpiece and obi. The sleeves and train are both flexible.

Set includes 13 pieces. Shirt, skirt, pants, collar, obi, geta base, pair of geta, pair of sleeves, headpiece, skirt train, and parasol. the permissions are mod/no copy/tranfser and it sells for 300L.

Available from Ookami Ningen in the Dark Eden mall or at the Ookami Ningen main store in Crimson.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A slew of new items from Devil Made Me Do It

I've been remiss in posting these new updates from Devil Made Me Do It. So let me get right to it. First up is the Forked Tentacle Flexy Tongue. Available in five colors:

Next up is some jewelry. Chari has redone her necklace with a new animated texture. The close up really doesn't do it justice.

She's also redone her cross nipple chains with a color change script and added the animated texture to the cross.

I don't know if I've blogged about the Jingasa hats before but they are things of immense beauty and deserve another mention if I have. These orientally themed hats come in 8 different colors and flip up onto the head or back onto the back at a touch. They look marvelous coupled with Chari's boots which I've blogged about before.

Last but certainly not least is the awesome neck brace. It comes in 7 different versions plus a color-change version.

All items are available at the Devil Made Me Do It main store in Brithys or at their satellite shop in the Dark Eden Mall.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ikebana from Ookami Ningen

Every once in a while, Zore takes a break and makes these stunningly beautiful ikebanas. She's just released four more and I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Available at Ookami Ningen and priced at L$50 each.