Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Formal Affair -- My last regularly scheduled DJ gig

I've been DJing a lot over the past year. I've worked at T1 Radio, Radio Radio, Phreak Radio, Bare Rose, The Blarney Stone, The Velvet, Activ8 and various other private events. With all this DJing I suppose it was inevitable I would burn out.

At the beginning of September I informed the last of my remaining DJ employers that I would be taking a long break -- possibly forever. Although forever is unlikely. What is more likely is that after a break I'll do special shows here and there. Be that as it may, tomorrow, September 29, which, appropos of nothing, also happens to be my mother's rl birthday, will be my last regular show. Good grief could I possibly get any more maudlin? Lets cheer this blog up!

So tomorrow night I'm gonna do one more rip roarin kick ass show to celebrate my new found freedom yippee! I'd love it if you all joined me. Its at Active8's Martini Lounge from 7-11pm SLT. I play big band, swing, and blues. Formal attire or at least evening wear is required.

Come and jam with me one last time.

New Islands at

The Fairchangs have just added 9 new, tropical low-prim sims to the Fairchaing Archipelago.

Two types are available for purchase:

Rivulet 1/Half a tropical sim.
This plot is 32720m2 big and set in a mature sim that is lag free and voice enabled. Land edit is set at 6 meters up/down. It has 936 low prim allowance and will cost L$59950 to buy and US$44 monthly tier. For more information please click here.

Estuary 1/A sim of tropical islands.
This plot is 16368m2 big and set in a mature sim that is lag free and Voice enabled. Land edit is set at 6 meters up/down. It has 468 low prim allowance and will cost L$27950 to buy and US$27 monthly tier. For more information please click here.

As always, if you are looking for land to purchase, provides many solutions. The Fairchangs have over 4 years experience in SL and a great reputation. Land sales are covered by a '7 day Return' policy. This means you have up to 7 days to change your mind and ask for a refund and take back the land. Check out the 'Land 4 Sale' link at and take a look for yourself.

Palermo furniture from Ookami Ningen

Introducing the Palermo Leather Suite. Zore listened to some suggestions and has made this set with poses scripted into the pillows, modifiable and with no hover text.

The sofa has one couples pose, two singles poses, is 12 prim and costs L$150.

The loveseat has one couples pose, one singles pose, is 11 prim and costs L$125.

The chaise has one couples pose, one single pose, is 13 prim and costs L$125.

The armchair has one singles pose, is 8 prim and costs L$75L.

The tables are 5 prim and are L$25L each.

All items are mod and transfer and can be found at the Ookami Ningen main store in Crimson only.

Two new items from Devil Made Me Do It

Tentacle Pool now available for sale!
Chari has had this tentacle pool as a decoration in her shop and in her home forever. And as long as she's had it, I've been bitching at her to place it for sale. She finally has. Introducing the tentacle pool -- 27 prims, environmental sounds and tentacle movement -- but no animations so y'know no tentacle sex or anything cool like that. Its a decorative piece. But way way cool. L$800 at the DMMDI main store in Brithys only.

Solo Packs of ze Nipple chains released!
By popular demand, Chari has decided to begin making individual pieces of the Chained Seduction set available as individual sets! The first being the the nipple chains. Each of these sets are color changing on the chain linked and "steel" pieces. Available in 12 texture trim sets as well as a 12 pack!

The solo packs come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Each with color changing steel. Each for L$125. The 12 Pack has all texture sets for L$1000 for a total savings of L$500. Available at the DMMDI main store in Brithys only.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harem Assassin Silks. New from Devil Made Me Do It

The folks at DMMDI are crankin! Today we have silks -- the Harem Assassin set. I don't know where the assassin part comes in cause there's no weapons but they sure are sexy! Each set contains a top, bottom, arm wraps and leg wraps, is mod/copy and each set is 200L. There are 12 different color sets, each with Gold or Silver trim for a total of 24 sets. These are only available at the DMMDI main store in Brithys.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Auld Lang Syne

I meant to post this a lot sooner. My apologies. In any case if you are a fan of either my Blarney Stone celtic music show or my eclectic oldies show at T1 Radio, today is the last time in a while, maybe forever, that you'll be able to catch them. I've quit all my regular DJ gigs. I'm really sorry to have to do this but its just getting to the point where its more like work to have to show up every week and, well, I already have a job. Two if you count the business management stuff.

I'm on really good terms with all my employers and you might see me picking up a guerilla show here and there when I start jonesin for the DJin. But for now, I need a long long break.

So today is the last day for the Blarney and T1 and next week will be my last Formal Affair with Activ8. I'll put the times here and there's SLURLS on the right-hand navigation pane or you can IM me for a TP.

Blarney -- Celtic Music, Today, Sunday, September 23, 10 am to Noon SLT
T1 Radio -- Eclectic Oldies from the 50s through the 90s, Today, Sunday, Setpember 23, 3-5pm SLT

Activ8 Formal Affair - Jazz, Big Band, Blues -- Formal or evening wear attire is required -- Saturday, September 29, 7-11pm SLT

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dark Elegance by DMMDI

Charissa has been busy lately! Introducing the Dark Elegance Jewelry set by Devil Made Me Do It.

Four Cross Necklace, L$175

These sets have a lot to them and are incredibly detailed. Three different styles of neckalces, earrings, bracelets, hood and nipple piercings. The nipple piercings come in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

Three Necklace Set, L$300. Comes with the Single, Double and Four cross necklaces

You can buy them all individually or in sets. Right now they are only available at the main DMMDI store in Brithys. As always, here is an SLURL for your convenience or you can hit the store name over on the right hand navigation pane of this blog.

Bracelet, L$100

Double Cross Set, L$300. Comes with the Double Cross Necklas, 1 Bracelet, 1 pair of Earrings, 1 Horizontal Hood piercing and 1 pair of nipple piercings.

Earrings, L$75

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More pics of the Chained Seduction Set by DMMDI

Yesterday I introduced the Chained Seduction set from DMMDI but I thought the packaging ads really didn't do the set justice. So I asked Charissa to send over some of the modelling pictures she used to create the packaging so y'all could get a glimpse of the absolute hawtness of this set. Thanks to Ali, Etain, Naeko and Dori for posing. You ladies look ravishing.

I think I might have forgotten to mention that the steel bits on the Caligae Infernis shoe/boots are color-changing -- Neako shows this to great effect in these pics and I just love the black bottoms on the pink straps -- it gives you an idea of how creative you can be with this set.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chained Seduction. New from Devil Made Me Do It (DMMDI)

This is the set you've all been waiting for. I danced in this at the last Dark Eden Girl of the Month party and got a lot of complements and folks wanted to know where I got it. It took Charisa a little longer than we thought to get it out but she wanted it to be perfect and... wow. This looks stunning all by itself or, for a little variety, try it over a latex body suit.

This 20-piece set includes lockmeister compatible wrist chains, the chain thong in 3 sizes (small, medium and large), collar, upper arm pieces, nipple chains in 3 sizes (small, medium and large), the Caligae Infernis shoes/boots, and ankle-high, knee-high and thigh-high straps -- all lockmeister compatible. It sells for L$400 and is available only at the DMMDI main store in Brithys for now. The fat pack of all 12 colors is L$4000.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Men's Latex Yakuta. New at Ookami Ningen

This 17-piece set for men is great for mixing and matching as needed. The set includes a pair of unscripted sleeves, a pair of scripted sleeves, a pair of geta, geta base, tabi socks, shirt, pants, skirt base, sculpted collar, obi, jingasa (hat) with raindrops. jingasa with no script, prim yukata base with attached obi and a prim yukata base with attached obi and smart skirt script. All are modify and transfer. Included is the non-scripted items for when SL decides to misbehave.

This set is available for 300L at the Ookami Ningen main store in Crimson.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New gloves, socks and a hat from Creative Kaoz!

New from Creative Kaoz (actually new a week or two ago but I am late in getting this posted) are a series of dainty lace gloves and socks in a whole slew of colors to match every outfit. The entire set of 16 colors of gloves are on sale for L$199 and they are priced individually at $L25 each. The socks come in 12 colors. The fat pack is L$100 and they are $L20 each. To top all off is the elegant lace white hat at L$65.

Available at the Dark Eden Mall and at the Creative Kaoz main store in Sylvina.

New from Ookami Ningen! Fairy trees with cool sit poses!

These aren't your normal, every day sort of trees. These are fairy trees! Made from real-life fairy prims! Its true! I wouldn't make this sort of thing up.

Ok maybe I would. But the trees are cool nonetheless and they have nifty sit poses in them. They would be a fine thing to adorn any garden or woodland setting or even make a cool houseplant. Ok maybe they are a little large for a houseplant but I have faith in the creativity of SL residents. The Opaline tree has two poses and runs L$100 and the other two have one pose each and are priced at L$50 each. Only available at the Ookami Ningen main store in Crimson.

Latex and Fur! New from Ookami Ningen

Zore did these really hawt hawt hawt (do you know you can't say "That's hot!" anymore cause Paris Hilton has trademarked it or something? Its true! She's suing Hallmark over it. How messed up is that?) anyway back to the mini kimonos which are, dare I say it?, HOT! These little numbers come in black latex and have fur cuffs and collars. They are sooper dooper minis as well and show the bottom of your bum when you walk which is, dare I say it?, HOT!

Seriously though these are really sexy and stylish to boot. They don't come in a gazillion pieces as Zore is wont to do with some of her packs so its just the kimono and fur pieces and are priced modestly at L$200. Available in her store at the Dark Eden Mall or in the main Ookami Ningen location in Crimson.