Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A List

I've been thinking about making a list of my own. I don't really know what this list is about but then again, I don't know what anyone else's lists are about either. So I'm thinking the important part is the actual list, not what the list is about. Also it should be coded in colors. I'm not sure what the colors mean but I've been assured they have meaning. I've been told that lawyers have something to do with this list. All lawyers will be colored yellow. Take from that what you will. So then, apropo of nothing, I give to you, my list:

Tenshi Vielle
Nephilaine Protagonist (you said purple right?)
Logan Bauer
Mourna Biziou
Prokofy Neva
Lum The Mad (he'll get mad if I .. oh, wait...)
Encore Mayne (one good list deserves another)
Iris Seale
Isle Lunasea
Zorena Deckard
Lucifer Baphomet
Io Zeno
Raven Halaan
Dancien Graves (would he like, kill me, if I made him pink?)
Taco F. Rubio, esq. (he doesn't go in yellow cause he has to be green)

Cale Vinson
Joy Honey
Nethermind Bliss
Delora Starbrook
Jory Watler
Phoenix Psaltry
Bard Jameson
Ramonna Villota
Lyla Shephard

*sigh* This is getting boring. How do people work up the energy for these lists. Geesh I need vodka and a B multi-vitamin just to stay awake here. If you want on the list leave a comment and I'll consider. Bribery and flatter work wonders. Just saying....

Its very hard to keep up with all the people who want to be on this list. And where is the flattery and bribes I ask you? Not. one. cent. yet. Come on people I need your monies.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roxy Roller Knee Socks

Ask you and you shall receive. Everyone has been asking me to make matching socks. You can find the socks at Pixel Mode beside the Roxy Roller display and yes, they are free.


Releases from Pixel Mode

Wow! I'm the worst for keeping my blog up to date. I need to try a little harder ... anywhoo!

Over the last month I have released several new shoes. Shandra Wedges, Reenee Heels, ShandraV2 w/Tita Toes and Roxy Rollers.

Roxy Rollers

Lets Start with the Roxy Rollers. One day a few months back, I was feeling nostalgic maybe because I have finally come to terms with turning 40. I was thinking about being a kid and how carefree I was. One of the cherished items from my childhood were roller skates and my favorite song to roller skate to was Roxy Roller by Sweeney Todd.

For image details, click on the picture. I don't like to embed large images on my blog. It gets discombobulated.

  • Set includes: White Pair and Black Pair.With each pair you will have an optional skate with the skating animation.

  • Texture Change: Wheels & Stopper: Candy Red, Bubblegum, Neon Pink, Lemon, Violet, Indigo & Teal

  • Color Change Laces: Candy Red, Bubblegum, Neon Pink, Lemon, Violet, Indigo, White & Black

I had intentions of releasing the Men's pair this week, though I have been caught up with re working my sim. The Mens' will not be ready until this Sunday. As for the ladies, I will be working on 2 different versions of the Roxy Rollers and those will be released next Wednesday.

Shandra V2 w/Tita Toes

For the longest time one of my customers,Tita Maertens had been asking me to do prim toes. When prim toes first hit the grid, I was not sold on it. Maybe I am to SL old school. After time had passed, I realized, that done correctly, it can look adorable, even sexy. My first test were with these sling backs. I am a sucker for sling backs. In real life, it adds sensuality to your over all look.

Due to many skin tones in SL, I did my best to match skin tones. The HUD consists of 48 tones for you to choose from. The shoes are modifable so if you are a perfectionist like me, you will be able to match them. If you do have problems, please let me know and i can help you.


  • Texture Change Nail Hud: (Soon I will be doing another prim nail set with the same scripts and adding more colors and options. You will when I update the HUD be able to match your toe nails and prim nails)

  • Skin Shade Hud

  • Each set includes a White Pair

Reenee Heels

Named after Reeneebob Birmingham. A few weeks ago she posted in the SLU style thread and when I started to make the shoes, I thought of her. Feminine and sexy.

I wanted to make a soft and feminine high heel, yes high heel, without the use of platforms. Making the shoe itself was not challenging, the challenge is the avatar foot shape combined with our stupid ass ankles. Topped off with avatar floating.

I worked for several days on the base sculpt to get it just how I wanted to. I am delighted how my bows turned out to and the overall proportion molded around the foot.

  • With each pair I have included a pair without the bow. This was not a matter of taking off the bow, I re-baked a new texture as the base texture with the bow is different.

  • 12 Colors ( at the moment) to choose from and both tones have fat packs available. Next week sometime I will be releasing a shiny version.

Well, I think that is about it! Join the Pixel Mode Group or the Subscribe o Matic for updates! Direct SLurl:[PM] Pixel Mode