Thursday, January 29, 2009

New from Slick - La Nymphe Heels in Two Versions!

Hello darlings! Coyo here to tell you about a new release from Slick!

These are the La Nymphe heels, which come in two versions: black leather with a colored bow, and black leather bows with colored leather.

Both sets come in 11 colors and are copy only.

They're made to coordinate with my Subscribe-o-Matic release of my La Nymphe stockings - gorgeous thigh-highs with a teasing bow garter. They're only available through my Subscribe-o-Matic group, so come join!

Oh, and with membership in that Subscribe-o-Matic group? You get previews to my stuff a few days before it comes out - so do join!

Oh, and one more thing - a free fuschia version of my shoes is available ONLY through a camping chair in my store on Mikianna.

Seductive. Sensuous. Slick.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't treat your customers like crap!

Crap is Tenshi's job. (IT'S A JOKE AND THE NAME OF HER STORE!!!)

But seriously folks, I'm here to rant about a disturbing new trend I just heard about. It seems certain hair manufacturers have added a script to their hair wherein if you res the hair on the ground it will delete itself because those who use copybot res hair on the ground. Those who alter hair to fit their head also res hair on the ground, but that doesn't matter. Those who like to take scripts out of hair res hair on the ground, but that doesn't matter. Those who need to refit hair also res hair on the ground, but that doesn't matter either. No, what matters is that someone who uses copybot reses hair on the ground. And for that we must all suffer.

Let me say that the first time I get a note from a manufacturer saying that I can't res something on the ground becuase copybot users do that, is the last time I'll be shopping on that store. And I'll tell my friends. I might even post it on this blog. I will go out of my way to ensure that store loses business. Why? Becuase you just treated me like a criminal even though I might be a long time customer who has spent hundreds of dollars at your store over the years.

News flash folks! People who use copybot aren't buying items at your store. Your loyal customers are. People who want to steal from you won't read those signs you have plastered all over your store telling us how rotten we are and how OMG THIS COPYRIGHT BELONGS TO YOU!!! No shit Sherlock, we, your loyal customers, the people that have to wait for all these fucking signs to res when all we want to do is spend money at your establishment, know this.

So instead of concentrating on new ways to anger your customers whom you've obviously mistaken for a select few that have specialized knowledge of how to use a complicated theft program, why not concentrate instead on building customer loyalty? You already have the tools to go after thieves -- DMCA and the courts. Stroker proved it can be done and documented evidence is the way to travel. Your little scripts won't work and your signs won't work becuase the only people those affect are the people buying your product. Or did you think that someone who was motivated enough to learn how to use copybot wouldn't travel to a no-script sim, remove your script, and copy it anyway?

[PM] Danger Studded Heels

Its been a while since i have done detailed prim work as I did in these shoes. Every time I open up Maya and roll my sleeves up, I learn something new and for the better. This was the first time I could create a smooth sculpted sole ( you know SL can make curves look jagged) and heel, with it looking 99 percent like it does in my program as it does in Second Life. Maybe I finally understand it. On to the blah blah :p

PM AF Danger - Leather Shoes

This is a must shoe in anyone's collection. Dare to be different. Dare to be bold. Dare to put a little Danger in your Second Life.

12 Luscious Leather colors to choose from! Each color comes with two versions, your mood, your choice :)

1. Stud and Laces
2. Laces Only ( no studs)

Demos are available in all colors and versions.

Direct SLurl:

1600 Per Fat Pack

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slick Subscribe-O-Matic Group!

I've set up a Subscribe-O-Matic kiosk at Slick on Mikianna. Currently it'll give out a set of previously-unreleased stockings - La Nymphe!

You can join the Subscribe-O-Matic group (which won't take up a precious group slot) by going to Slick and clicking the kiosk out front.

I've also got two releases coming out later this week - so keep your eyes peeled. :)

Pixel Mode!

Hello Hello Hello and welcome to the second new author in one day!

I know you know about the awesomeness that is Pixel Mode. Tya Fallingbridge is an amazing designer and she not only does shoes, boots, awesome clothing, hair but makes fabu prefabs too. She has a new blog and it isn't linked to FashionPlanet yet so she's going to be posting her new stuff here for a bit until that happens.

Look for her to post about her awesome new shoes (I'm currently at the Duchess dancing with Beebo -- come by in about an hour for a preview of the shoes) tonight or tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you just can't wait and want to wear some seriously awesome boots, go by her shop. Here's an SLURL.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hey all you groovy fashion guys and gals. My good friend Coyote Momiji (and isn't that the coolest name EVAR?!) makes this faaabulousio latex stuffs. The store is called Slick and the stuff in it is slick indeed. I have purchased at least one of everything in her store and some I have purchased two of. Its always a race to see if I can buy it before she gives it to me. Today she won and she's about to make a post here about her amazing new Circe (yes THAT Circe) boots.

So she has this blog that she posts all her stuff in and I said to her today: "Coyo you gotta get yerself on Fashion Planet!" So she's going to do that. But Tao is a busy guy and it takes him a while sometimes so until that gets done, I made her a login to post here.

So look for Coyo right here at the Llama's Den and lots of groovalistic latexy stuffs. Oh yeah and just in case you don't want to wait for the posts -- you can go right there. Here's a SLURL!

Weeeeee! Finding out about new stores is fun!

New from Slick - Circe Boots

Thanks, Vivi, for the intro.

Hi everyone! Last night I released a new product from my store, Slick.

I figured everyone should have a product named after them, and my sister Circe Timtam is no exception.

These boots come in 11 colors - Black, Charcoal, White, Pink, Red, Mocksoup Orange, Yellow, Green, Launay Teal, Blue and Violet - and are copy only.

Each color is 99L, and the fatpack of all 11 colors is 399L for a limited time only. :)

Feel free to come on by. In the next week or two I'll be setting up camping chairs with special prizes, and releasing even more goodies.

Come on by to Slick. :) I'd love to see you.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

No I'm not back

Oh Hai! You thought I died I bet. Well I'm not really back -- not in any real sense of the word anyways. Just feeling a bit grouchy and wanted to expound on a few things before bouncing too far into 09.

1a. You know those little prim flaps that designers put on shorts and call them skirts? They are ugly, they don't match the color or texture of the shorts, and they don't look like skirts -- they look like little prim flaps on shorts. Pls stop.

1b. You know how sometimes prims on clothes don't match the system clothes beneath and designers blame it on windlight? Its not windlight. The designer is wrong. The designer did a poor job. Its really not your video card and its really not windlight.

1c. Note to designers: If you can't get the mofo to match don't freaking sell it for crying out loud. But photoshopping your ad and packaging to make it all match and then telling your customers they have to adjust it themselves to make it all match according to their video card sucks major amounts of ass and should lose you the customer.

2. You know when you are stealing. You know when you are not being ethical. You know when you are stealing, not being ethical, and can get away with it because there's no express law saying that you can't. But you are still an unethical thief. If you think this applies to you, you might want to take a look at your business practices and what it is you do that makes you think it applies to you. And really it shouldn't take a blogger on the internet to point this out.

3. The ARC is a lie. It doesn't mean anything. Really. Stop using it as an excuse to make ugly stuff. If you are in a place where ARC matters take off ALL your scripts and prims and strip down to system clothing. But ARC is not really a good indicator of lag... or to put it differently, I can cause all kinds of lag and still have an ARC of 1. Ask me how!

4. Teh dramaz is fun -- or at least interesting.

5. Best model? Seriously? Is this like.. the person with the most poses in his or her inventory? I mean what are the qualifications here? "Can hop on pose ball better than anyone else in SL?"

6a. Just because you can make clothing out of prims doesn't mean you should. Note to prim clothing makers: Not all avies are the same shape as yours. Maybe offering sizes would be a good idea. Just a thought. Cause y'know, if I buy something, spend half an hour trying to get it to fit and then it still doesn't it and then I delete it -- well I never go back to that store.

6b. Do you folks realize how much time it takes to adjust a belt that's part of the skirt or dress and is, itself, many more than one prim? If I had that much time to build a damn belt I would not have bought it in the first place -- I would have built it. I bought it because I either can't and don't want to build it myself. Now here I am building because it doesn't fit. Whats wrong with this picture?

7. Prim feet that don't match your skin? How did this become a good idea? Remember when newb men would go get free peni and it wouldn't match their skin and we would all point and laugh at them? This is the same thing only women do it with their feet. I don't get it.

Now that I've pissed off all the designers in SL I think I'll crawl back under my rock. BAI!