Thursday, February 28, 2008

All Fairchang Items are now FREE!

I got this note from Garth and Pituca:

Throughout our many years of selling FairChang products in Second Life, from the very first helicopter in the summer of 2003 to the latest birds and scripted gift boxes, you have supported our product range …….

We have arrived at the decision that we would like to return that loyalty by giving everyone in sl the chance to enjoy our products free of charge.

So from now on you can tport/fly/jog/sail over to our Lighthouse Store on FairChang Calypso SW to pick up a FairChang Freebie.

Don't think for a minute we have stopped making new products! From time to time we will still add something new. And Pituca still offers Customer Support where possible. Just IM

Garth and Pituca FairChang

I've known about this for some time and have been lame about getting some pics up for you. And when they say their products are free, they mean ALL of their products -- the prefabs, the plants, the vehicles, the aircraft, the boats -- everything. So here's some pics of this cool Italian Villa. I set this up just for the purposes of taking these pics so I can't say its been decorated exactly as I would like and its on a tropical-zone isle so I need to pull it up and quit spending time on it. But still its a cool and cute little villa. And its free!

This is the villa. Most (uh maybe all) of the plants came from Heart Garden Center so those are not free.

This is the top of the villa. The lounge chairs, plants and birds up here are all part of the free stuff that can be found at Fairchang Calypso.

This is a close up of Pituca's birds. She has a whole bunch of these birds. They make bird sounds so I only have two cause I didn't want my neighbors to shoot me.

The easiest way to get to the freebie store is to search for Fairchang Store in search or you can follow this SLURL.

Monday, February 25, 2008


So I put this outfit together almost by accident and then decided it was really cute and needed to be immortalized but to do that I needed a studio so I bought a photosphere and, well, Vivi takes some pictures. At least one.

I had meant for this blog to feature old stuff -- because you know new stuff gets blogged all the time. However I think I've been around long enough now to have truly spectacular stuff that really doesn't get noticed much anymore and it should -- because it still rocks. BUT! that didn't happen with this post. I'm afraid its all pretty much new releases except for the jewelry, tights, and boots.

This is a true mashup. I think each piece came from somewhere different. I'll start at the top and work down.

Hat: Illusions Sweetheart Cloche. I recommend buying the white/white copyable so you can copy it and recolor -- which is what I did here -- I recolored it to match the sweater and the rest of the outfit.

Hair: Analog Dog Chii -- and while I'm at it can I just say how much I love love love the hair at Analog Dog. I haven't seen it really blogged anywhere and I'm surprised at that because the textures are truly wonderful and the flexi settings make it move like real hair moves. The hair there isn't cheap but I think its worth it. You get a color pack for L$350. I wish you could just buy one for like L$100 but alas... I shall be broke and in the poor house and it will be all Analog Dog's fault because I keep going back to buy more hair.

Skin: Chai Vedette Cream Freckled -- This is the freebie that came with the Second Style skin issue. I generally like the ginger tone better but alas that has that texture bug where it takes on the texture of my house and nothing I can do (yes I've cleared my cache and deleted and got a new copy and all that jazz) can fix it. But, in general, I am now Launa Fauna's skin bitch. Seriously I cannot tell you how much I love the Chai skins. I used to be Starley and Gala's bitch when it came to skins but I'm afraid Launa has stolen me away. My only regret is that my pocketbook is not large enough to buy each and every makeup because I would. In a New York Minute. Or faster. Ahhh well.

Jewelry: Elka:Random - Cameo & Sautoir set. This is an old set that has really stood the test of time. It fits nicely with very little modification needed and it looks good next to, say, the nifty stuff that Earthtones and Muse put out today. It sits in my inventory forgotten for months but I end up returning to it time and time again. Its a really nice accessory when you want to put a funky/boho/secondhand store look together like the one I have here. [Edit: Elka writes: "Cute look! Thank you for using my necklace. It is old indeed, especially with the elka:random name, which I had for only a few weeks back almost 3 years ago, haha! Just thought I would let you know that this piece was revamped, retextured (now has silver version included too, and now attaches to different points) and all that jazz for the Jewelry Fair we had a few months ago. This one is not for sale anymore :)"] So if you want the new one look for Elka Lehane's profile and then the second tab under her picks will take you to her current store and you can get the new one.

Sweater: !_Ce_Cubic effect Cardigan_cream. This is where we get into the new. I adore CE's textures. Not everything there works as well I would like -- I had originally hoped that this sweater would work with their tiered skirt and it really didn't. (For that matter, the tiered skirt which was pretty expensive (L$290 for one skirt ouchies) didn't fit all that well at all -- however I think I can make it work with a little playing around but for that price I shouldn't and I wish there was a demo.) But their sweaters -- OMG their sweaters. And their blouses -- OMG their blouses. The texturing, the fit, and the way it works with so much other stuff.. well lets just say that even though I consider them to be on the pricier side I still picked up three or four items there today. I encourage you to check them out -- really nice newish store with quality stuffs.

Camisole: Its not really a camisole. Its the bodice from *LAST CALL: Gillian* -- which is a sexy black dress that I wore to Misty's birthday party last night and it looked mahvelos dahling -- but I didn't get a shot of it. Maybe someone else did and I'll post it later because really it is one of Ginny's best efforts (IMNSHO). However I was trying on my Cubic purchases and this looked so good under the cardigan I kept it.

Skirt: :bijou: *FREE* DIVA. Do y'all know about bijou? You should if you don't. Really nice texturing work, really nice clothing, decent prices and OMG the freebies there are amazing. I mean a lot of places have tshirts for freebies or stuff that you will take because its free but you wouldn't ordinarily buy. bijou has free stuff that you would buy if it were not free, but its free so you don't have to. This is actually a part of a very dressy satin dress outfit with a capelet and gloves. Wonderful on its own. As I was looking through my inventory for a replacement for the tiered skirt I kind of stumbled on this as it was still in my NEW folder and it didn't look right at first but it really grew on me. The Diva outfit comes in 5 colors and the whole pack is free at the Bijou store in Takaraduka.

Stockings: Another oldie but goodie. D3volution! Raggedy Ass Raggy Ass Stockings & Belt with 8 Garters: Stockings, Ripped, Run, & Torn, Sooty. They come with garters on the underwear layer and stockings on the sock layer which is nice because most skirts these days have the skirt base on the pant layer. I love these stockings but don't get the opportunity to wear them often.

Boots: Last but not least we come to the boots. (Shiny Things) Old Laceup Boots - black. Fallingwater was my first love when it came to boots and I own damn near every style in every color she's ever made. I still have her old sleek laceup boots before she fixed them because I love her boots too much to ever throw them away -- even if they are broke and I have a fixed copy and I never wear the broke ones. I'm a sentimental fool I know. But I treasure those old broke boots and I won't throw them out! Anyways these are not that old (even if they say old) and they go with everything (ok maybe not the latest formal wear) and I love any opportunity I get to wear them out.

Also I think I might love my new photosphere. But I've rattled on enough for one post.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New from Ookami Ningen: Dancing and Dying Swans

Ok not literally. But Zorena made this ultra cool outfit and one of them is named Dancing Swan and the other is named Dying Swan -- but no actual swans were coerced into dancing or were heinously or otherwise put to death during the creation of this outfit. Well not by Zorena anyway.

These are the new outfits. Two versions of a dress and one of them with a bit of a twist. Both are based from a famous ballet but Dying Swan also has it's roots in a painting she once saw. Shiny satin corset, soft feathery fur and satin skirt and a hint of lace on the pants. Graceful arm wings and furred and feathered stole help give it a fantasy look.

Each set is modify, copy and no transfer. Find this flight of fancy at Ookami Ningen for 250 L per set. To complete the look in the ads, Zorena used "Pearl Ballet Flats" from Shiny Things. To get to Ookami Ningen, just type that into search or follow this SLURL.

Then I did a little mashup with it:

To get this look:

Skirt and corset: Dancing Swan Nocturne from Ookami Ningen
Boots: (Shiny Things) Old Boots - black
Belt: Pixel Dolls - Red (PD) Belts; Empress Jacket
Stockings: Szentasha part of ~J~ Nightsong Minidress - Crimson
Necklace: Random Calliope "But I'm Not The Only One - For Peace"
Earrings: /artilleri/ teardrop earrings
Skin: LF CHAI Skin -- Ginger -- Celebrity Freckles
Hair: Analog Dog Emma Black
Tats: *EtchD* Sleeves
Eyes: SS eyes series 2-27
Shape: custom