Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Midnight Dalliance from Creative Kaoz

New from Creative Kaoz is the Midnight Dalliance set from Dana Archer.

Once upon a time Sasy Scarborough over at Appearance Mode wondered what we fed our designers over at Dark Eden that they kept coming out with such cool prim work. I'm beginning to wonder myself and I work there. Dana has really put together a marvelous collection and its very well done. That said, the prims are made for her shape so there's probably a bit of fiddling involved in making everything work together. But not to worry! Dana has released her shape for free so you can either wear that and fiddle with the face or just grab the measurements from the accompanying notecard and do the adjustments to your shape if you don't like messing with prims. You can also see ahead of time whether or not this is something you want to purchase given your shape and your ability to adjust prims.

The Midnight Dalliance is 34 pieces total and can be purchased for L$175. There are 3 different colors of gloves and stockings, 2 different colors of skirt, 2 colors of hat in 2 different sizes, and much more. This is available at the Creative Kaoz Main Store in Sylvina or in the Dark Eden Mall outlet.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hanabi -- New from Ookami Ningen

Hanabi means flowers of fire in Japanese. Ookami Ningen released the new Hanabi outfit on Friday and I'm just now getting around to blogging it. The textures are hand drawn satin and the hair kanzashi has a little fire lilly on top. Way cute. The outfit retails for L$200 and has 8 pieces which includes the geta shoes and hair kanzashi.

Available at the Ookami Ningen main store in Crimson or the outlet in the Dark Eden Mall

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jazz/Big Band/Blues/Swing Formal Tonight!!

Tonight at the Activ8's Martini Lounge I'll be DJing a Jazz/Big Band/Blues/Swing formal event. 7 - 10 pm SLT. No prizes, no gimmicks, just good music and an opportunity to put on your fancy dresses and your shiney jewelry and come have a nice evening. Here is an SLURL to get you there faster. Hope to see you all there.

Love and kisses

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New stuffs at Ookami Ningen

Four new offerings from Ookami Ningen. The first two are the Urban Gothic Kimonos, done in a darker, more punk style than her previous kimonos. The Urban Gothic Black has the flame motif on a black background and the Urban Gothic Red has the same flame motif on a red background. Both are beautiful and done in Zorena's handdrawn satin textures and include everything pictured (ok not hair and skins, but the shoes, hair ornaments, etc.)

Next up are re-makes of her Wolven series dresses: the Wolven Lolita and the more formal Wolven Moonlight. They both feature new, upgraded, hand-drawn fur textures. Both are flexi now. The Wolven Moonlight also features a new hand-drawn lace top.

All items are on sale at Ookami Ningen in Crimson or in the Dark Eden Mall.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ookami Ningen Grand Opening Sale!

In addition to our Grand Opening Event, Ookami Ningen is having a weekend long sale. Over 100 items are 50% off. We also have the wall of freebies which will be available all weekend long. I'll let the sign that Zorena did speak for the rest. This is at the Ookami Ningen Crimson location only.

Ookami Ningen Grand Opening Event

Ookami Ningen moved to Crimson a few weeks ago but its only been now that we have had time to do a Grand Opening Event. We are pleased to announce that the amazing Chronic Skronski has agreed to perform one of his last shows (for a while anyway) at our Grand Opening. In addition, the Metal Mayhem outfit for women and the Hellenic Magister White for men will be available totally free during the event -- you must get them from Zorena herself though :) Additionally we will have a wall of free stuff up for the entire weekend. This is at the Crimson store only. The free stuffs (and the sales stuffs that I will blog about next) are not available in the Dark Eden store. Here's an SLURL to get you there faster: Ookami Ningen in Crimson

I'll let the ad that Zore did speak for the rest of the event.

Metal Mayhem from Ookami Ningen

And now for something completely different. This metal number is kind of punky gothy and a real departure from anything Zorena's done before.

The entire outfit is 17 pieces total. It can be worn with our without the breastplate armor and with or without the adorable little demon monkeh shoulder piece. Available at Ookami Ningen in Crimson or in the Dark Eden Mall.