Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Midnight Dalliance from Creative Kaoz

New from Creative Kaoz is the Midnight Dalliance set from Dana Archer.

Once upon a time Sasy Scarborough over at Appearance Mode wondered what we fed our designers over at Dark Eden that they kept coming out with such cool prim work. I'm beginning to wonder myself and I work there. Dana has really put together a marvelous collection and its very well done. That said, the prims are made for her shape so there's probably a bit of fiddling involved in making everything work together. But not to worry! Dana has released her shape for free so you can either wear that and fiddle with the face or just grab the measurements from the accompanying notecard and do the adjustments to your shape if you don't like messing with prims. You can also see ahead of time whether or not this is something you want to purchase given your shape and your ability to adjust prims.

The Midnight Dalliance is 34 pieces total and can be purchased for L$175. There are 3 different colors of gloves and stockings, 2 different colors of skirt, 2 colors of hat in 2 different sizes, and much more. This is available at the Creative Kaoz Main Store in Sylvina or in the Dark Eden Mall outlet.

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