Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New stuffs at Ookami Ningen

Four new offerings from Ookami Ningen. The first two are the Urban Gothic Kimonos, done in a darker, more punk style than her previous kimonos. The Urban Gothic Black has the flame motif on a black background and the Urban Gothic Red has the same flame motif on a red background. Both are beautiful and done in Zorena's handdrawn satin textures and include everything pictured (ok not hair and skins, but the shoes, hair ornaments, etc.)

Next up are re-makes of her Wolven series dresses: the Wolven Lolita and the more formal Wolven Moonlight. They both feature new, upgraded, hand-drawn fur textures. Both are flexi now. The Wolven Moonlight also features a new hand-drawn lace top.

All items are on sale at Ookami Ningen in Crimson or in the Dark Eden Mall.

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