Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ookami Ningen Grand Opening Event

Ookami Ningen moved to Crimson a few weeks ago but its only been now that we have had time to do a Grand Opening Event. We are pleased to announce that the amazing Chronic Skronski has agreed to perform one of his last shows (for a while anyway) at our Grand Opening. In addition, the Metal Mayhem outfit for women and the Hellenic Magister White for men will be available totally free during the event -- you must get them from Zorena herself though :) Additionally we will have a wall of free stuff up for the entire weekend. This is at the Crimson store only. The free stuffs (and the sales stuffs that I will blog about next) are not available in the Dark Eden store. Here's an SLURL to get you there faster: Ookami Ningen in Crimson

I'll let the ad that Zore did speak for the rest of the event.

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