Sunday, February 14, 2010

New from Slick - Seven New Eye Sets

As usual, high-quality, original art for your eyes by a professional artist.

All packs are available in-world at Slick.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[PM] Sculpted Nails - V2 : Platinum Edition : Gloss

Click the picture for a larger image

V2 Includes:

•Square Tip w/natural nail curve
•20 High Gloss Textures
•20 Med Gloss Textures
•4 French Manicure Textures
•Built in PM Hand Lock - nails stay in place, relaxed hand position
•HUD Controlled
•Hand Sizes: 20| 30 |40 | 50
•Copy & Mod : Adjust your own nail length
•28 Preset Fingertip Glove Layers for nail skin over spreading
•1 Tintable Fingertip Glove Layer

I have added a hand lock to the nails, your hands will stay in a relaxed state. When you first put your nails on, do it in a place where scripts are allowed to to run, after that, you can tp around, dance, "cuddle" and your nails will stay in place.

I also created a new nail sculpt for these, with a natural curve conforming to your avatar fingertips.

You can mod your nails adjusting the length to your liking. When you do, make sure the building option is set to: grid is is unchecked and stretch both sides is also unchecked. You will have more control over the length ;)

The fingertip glove layers are purely optional. My skin, has some serious nail spreading and I couldn't wear my first version of the nails so I made some gloves. If you have any problems matching your skin tone, let me know who the maker is and what skin and i will get your RGB/HSL colors.

Always make a back up copy first before any editing. If your hands do not fall into the available range,  adjust your hands to the closest available. If you are a 34, make your hand 30, its not a big diff visually.

Presets include : :LAQ | Curio | Redgrave | PXL | Bellaza | Tuli | OC | Blowpop.

All the gloves are modifiable/copy. If you find a tone that is close to yours you will still be able to tint it further. A white layer is also included.


Available at [PM] Pixel Mode :

Version 2: when you walk in the store, it is beside the new releases, to the right, when you walk in.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

[PM] Pixel Mode - Final Sale

Starting today at 3PM SL time, Pixel Mode will be having a final sale for 2009.

Houses, Furniture, Poses, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories. Everything for 50L.

Fatpacks for clothing and shoes are set to 250L Fat packs are clearly noted.

Sale runs from today until my new pc arrives and is up and running ;) After that, I will be purging inventory and the store will be closed for a week to make room for my delayed items.

~ Tya

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[PM] Pixel Mode - Freya Flats

Some times your just need to give your feet a break.

12 Colors to choose from.
Each pair comes with the Brown on Brown

1000L/fatpack (only one fat pack - all colors)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New From [PM] Rea Suede Boots

The boots are a soft suede texture with leather strapping. The strings are done in a straw texture. This was a toss up for me. I personally like the straw strings on each color set, though I know some people would want it matching or a different color. So a happy medium was to add a RGB color hud.

The boots are mod/copy.

You can go to my flickr page, to see larger pictures of the boots.

Search in world > Pixel Mode.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A List

I've been thinking about making a list of my own. I don't really know what this list is about but then again, I don't know what anyone else's lists are about either. So I'm thinking the important part is the actual list, not what the list is about. Also it should be coded in colors. I'm not sure what the colors mean but I've been assured they have meaning. I've been told that lawyers have something to do with this list. All lawyers will be colored yellow. Take from that what you will. So then, apropo of nothing, I give to you, my list:

Tenshi Vielle
Nephilaine Protagonist (you said purple right?)
Logan Bauer
Mourna Biziou
Prokofy Neva
Lum The Mad (he'll get mad if I .. oh, wait...)
Encore Mayne (one good list deserves another)
Iris Seale
Isle Lunasea
Zorena Deckard
Lucifer Baphomet
Io Zeno
Raven Halaan
Dancien Graves (would he like, kill me, if I made him pink?)
Taco F. Rubio, esq. (he doesn't go in yellow cause he has to be green)

Cale Vinson
Joy Honey
Nethermind Bliss
Delora Starbrook
Jory Watler
Phoenix Psaltry
Bard Jameson
Ramonna Villota
Lyla Shephard

*sigh* This is getting boring. How do people work up the energy for these lists. Geesh I need vodka and a B multi-vitamin just to stay awake here. If you want on the list leave a comment and I'll consider. Bribery and flatter work wonders. Just saying....

Its very hard to keep up with all the people who want to be on this list. And where is the flattery and bribes I ask you? Not. one. cent. yet. Come on people I need your monies.