Saturday, April 18, 2009

High prices

Don't you just hate it when you see someone wearing something fabulous so you right click on them and teleport into this new place only to find out that one blouse cost L$380 so instead of buying you teleport right the hell out?

If you think this is about your shop, and you have blouses for sale for L$380, then it probably is. I'll shop elsewhere thank you.


Anonymous said...

and worse than the pain of paying those prices, buying it anyway...putting it on and having it look like a feed bag.

Has happened to me more than once.

Chic Aeon said...

Well we do all have choices so presumably some folks are happy to pay that and look "great" and feel they have value. I do agree that there are tons of very nice things around for very little money making shopping easier in some sense and more frustrating in others :D

It's good there is something for everyone. I don't buy $400 shoes in RL so I have no point of reference (wink).

Raven Ivanova said...

Wait a minute...this isn't a carryover complaint from the Nicky Ree post, is it? =:D

Really though, to put this into some kind of perspective, let's break it down. L$380 works out to around $1.50 of my RL currency.

So when I spend 1 to 2 weeks working all hours of day and night until my eyes and head ache to create a beautiful, highly detailed top and someone pays me L$380 for it....I bless that person for being stylish enough to part with a $1.50 because I can now go out and buy myself a Tim Horton's coffee. Maybe even a large one. That would even keep me going at the computer a few more hours!

But I still won't be able to buy my son any milk. :( Poor little sweetie. Unless a few more people decide not to teleport the hell out of my store.

Take a close look at what comes with the blouse, too. If it comes with sculpties - then that's double the amount of work put into the blouse.

Arima said...

You are welcome.

Jane2 said...

The item was obviously sufficiently well-designed to prompt you to visit the store. In other words, it stood out in a sea of other apparel because it had something special. Surely that's worth an extra hundred Lindens or so...and we're talking pennies in RL. And if it isn't, then why bitch the designer out? It's your choice to purchase or not....the designer isn't making you buy it.

Hannah said...

so the magic number is still 200Ls? I remember reading that somewhere...Even with a huge amount of work, I believe you will sell four times the amount of items at the 200ls mark. Four times would make it well worthwhile. Plus the added benefit of having that many more people wearing your item, which is free advertising! Look at June Dion for example. Superior work for newbie prices. We all have at least one of her designs in our closet.