Friday, October 26, 2007

Vivi's Recap of CSI: Second Life

Hello world! I was in a wedding over this past weekend and my life got somewhat consumed by the wedding. Then I got sick. However I appear to be much better and back on track so I'll break my hiatus by bringing you a recap of the most talked about fashion event in Second Life history. No I am not talking about the Armidi opening. I am talking about nothing other than the TV show CSI and its Second Life contingent.

I know some of you haven't seen it yet and since it contains spoilers, I've thoughtfully put it on the blog that doesn't go to FashionPlanet and will link to it. One day I have that blog on FashionPlanet and not this blog -- but today is not that day.

Vivi's Recap of CSI: Second Life. BEWARE! HERE BE SPOILERS!

Friday, October 5, 2007

New from Ookami Ningen: Magnetic

This outfit may have been inspired by a popular movie series but has been designed as a great ensemble for any gentleman. A tunic style coat and pants of charcoal wool topped with a red velvet lined wool cape. Leather boots and gloves complete the ensemble.

The set consists of 12 pieces shirt/jacket, pants, prim jacket base, 2 styles of capes, pair of leather boots (uppers and foot parts), boot base, prim collar for capeless look, and gloves. The permissions are mod/transfer and the boots are transfer only. This outfit is L$300 and can be found at the main Ookami Ningen store in Crimson.

Fairchang: Vote for our local hotspots!

You may not know this but Fairchang Isles has some really great builds, fantastic places to see, and fun things to do. From sailing around the waterways of over 50 sims to seeing live music at the Extra Innings Pub to the fantastic art and sculpture at the Crescent Moon Museum, there is something at Fairchang for everyone. Ok almost everyone.

The church at FairChang Village

There's a reason I'm telling you this.

We have placed a number of voting booths out on popular (non-commercial) sites over our islands. gives out the voters and lists on their HUD the ones that get the most votes. is sponsored by Brussells Airlines. So I've put some SLURLs down below and thought if you were looking for places to go and sites to see and things to do -- you might want to visit Fairchang Isles. And if you liked the places you went, you might consider voting for us. You can also get your own HUD with other places that are participating in this by clicking on the Voter tower.

Fanway Park Stadium

Fairchang lowprim sandbox

Island on El Rio de FairChang

Extra Innings Pub

FairChang Laguna

FairChang Tudor Village and Crescent Moon Museum

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