Thursday, February 28, 2008

All Fairchang Items are now FREE!

I got this note from Garth and Pituca:

Throughout our many years of selling FairChang products in Second Life, from the very first helicopter in the summer of 2003 to the latest birds and scripted gift boxes, you have supported our product range …….

We have arrived at the decision that we would like to return that loyalty by giving everyone in sl the chance to enjoy our products free of charge.

So from now on you can tport/fly/jog/sail over to our Lighthouse Store on FairChang Calypso SW to pick up a FairChang Freebie.

Don't think for a minute we have stopped making new products! From time to time we will still add something new. And Pituca still offers Customer Support where possible. Just IM

Garth and Pituca FairChang

I've known about this for some time and have been lame about getting some pics up for you. And when they say their products are free, they mean ALL of their products -- the prefabs, the plants, the vehicles, the aircraft, the boats -- everything. So here's some pics of this cool Italian Villa. I set this up just for the purposes of taking these pics so I can't say its been decorated exactly as I would like and its on a tropical-zone isle so I need to pull it up and quit spending time on it. But still its a cool and cute little villa. And its free!

This is the villa. Most (uh maybe all) of the plants came from Heart Garden Center so those are not free.

This is the top of the villa. The lounge chairs, plants and birds up here are all part of the free stuff that can be found at Fairchang Calypso.

This is a close up of Pituca's birds. She has a whole bunch of these birds. They make bird sounds so I only have two cause I didn't want my neighbors to shoot me.

The easiest way to get to the freebie store is to search for Fairchang Store in search or you can follow this SLURL.

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