Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ookami Ningen Harajuku Punk

I wanted to wait a while to blog about these so all the "newness" had gone away and I could talk about the awesomeness that is the Harajuku Punk outfit from Ookami Ningen. First, as you can see from the pictures, they are ever so stylish.

But what may not be immediately apparent about these is that the fur textures, aside from being completely 100% hand drawn, are not recolored in Second Life. Zorena makes a different texture for each color, usually highlighted a bit differently and drops it on only certain faces of each prim. This is why you get a full, natural look with the fur from Ookami Ningen and it doesn't look like someone took a spray paint can to the fur. Each color has been individually retextured and re-assembled. This is very difficult and time consuming and therefore you don't see it often.

Another thing I wanted to draw your attention to is the velvet belt, again hand drawn textured and colored in photoshop and not recolored in Second Life. Its why, if you look closely, you can almost see yourself reaching out to touch the velvet and feel its texture (natch!) under your skin.

Each set includes a soft flexible fur prim jacket that comes in 5 parts, the anti-glitch jacket that comes on two different layers, a cute plaid belted mini, anti-glitch skirt shorts and finally a pair of soft fuzzy leg warmers with an anti-glitch pair of socks. The leg warmers are a great way to dress up a pair of chunky shoes or the foot part of most boots to make them look like fur topped boots. You can find them only at the main store of Ookami Ningen. Just hit the SLURL here or the one on the right hand navigation bar OR just use search in-world. Each set is modify, copy and no transfer and sells for 300L.

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This is pretty!

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