Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Dublin St. Patrick's Treasure Hunt has begun!

Hey folks, I was up till 3am putting out clue signs but it is finished and the Dublin St. Patrick's Day Hunt has begun. Its pretty easy, you hunt for clues (which are easy to find), you answer the clues, you email the answers, you get a prize. All you have to do to get a prize is get ONE answer right. If you want a larger prize, you have to answer more right. If you want cash, you have to get them all right. A L$20,000 pot will be split among all those who get all 30 clues right. You have until Tuesday morning at 12:01 a.m. SLT to find the answers to the clues. I'm going to post the official rules right after this nifty graphic to break up the big wall o' text.


1. Thirty clues have been placed around the three Dublin Sims. Look for the special "Dublin in SL" signs around the three Dublin Sims. They could be anywhere but they are not hidden. They will be large and should be easy to spot. It is not our intent to hide these signs in any way. And just to be nice and give you all extra help, they are usually near a place where you can find the answer to a different clue. The clue signs look like this:

2. Figure out the clues and write down the answers.

3. Email the answers to
. Include your **Avatar Name** in your email so that we can award your prizes.
. **Number** your answers to match the number of the clues you are solving.
. All emails will be kept confidential and deleted after prizes are awarded.

4. Prizes:
There are three tiers of prizes depending on how many questions you get right:

1-10 answers right -- The Wee Prize
11-29 answers right -- The Wee Prize and The Big Box of Cool Stuff
30 answers right -- The Wee Prize, The Big Box of Cool Stuff, and a Cash (Lindens) Bonus (the amount of the cash bonus will be determined by how many win)
(in addition there is a separate wee prize hidden somewhere in one of the Dublin Sims -- as a matter of fact, finding that prize is the answer to one of the clues.

5. Our administrators will log in several times over the weekend to send prizes out. They will not be online 24-7 or even close to that nor is there a schedule for when they are online. Prizes will be sent to your avatar name by or before midnight SLT Wednesday, March 19.

6. You may only enter once so please check your answers before mailing them in.

7. All the answers can be found in in Second Life (in search in the parcel description, or inside the structure, on the sim... but in SL somewhere) or on the Dublin in SL website. There may be other places where you can find the answers (i.e. google, wikipedia, personal knowledge, books, etc), however, the Dublin Sims and website contain the final answer. If your answer doesn't match the answer we have -- no matter if we are wrong or right -- then your answer will not be counted as a correct answer.

8. The prize packages are all the same within their respective tiers. If you can't use an item (for instance if you are male and there are women's shoes in the package) just throw them out. We will not make subsitutions. The prize we give you is all there is.

9. The Hunt begins Saturday, March 15 at 12:01am somewhere between CST and SLT and ends Monday, March 17 at midnight SLT. Submissions mailed after 12:01am, Tuesday, March 18 will not be accepted (even if we have gone to bed and left the clues out -- you have to mail it before Tuesday, March 18, at 12:01 a.m.)

10. It could take up to 24 hours for you to receive your prize if your entry is received late at night on preceeding a weekday (in otherwords Sunday or Monday late). Please be patient.

That is the end of the rules. We hope you have fun finding the clues and the answers and exploring the Dublin Sims.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh! (A Saint Patrick's Day Blessing upon you!)

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