Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New from Ookami Ningen: Dancing and Dying Swans

Ok not literally. But Zorena made this ultra cool outfit and one of them is named Dancing Swan and the other is named Dying Swan -- but no actual swans were coerced into dancing or were heinously or otherwise put to death during the creation of this outfit. Well not by Zorena anyway.

These are the new outfits. Two versions of a dress and one of them with a bit of a twist. Both are based from a famous ballet but Dying Swan also has it's roots in a painting she once saw. Shiny satin corset, soft feathery fur and satin skirt and a hint of lace on the pants. Graceful arm wings and furred and feathered stole help give it a fantasy look.

Each set is modify, copy and no transfer. Find this flight of fancy at Ookami Ningen for 250 L per set. To complete the look in the ads, Zorena used "Pearl Ballet Flats" from Shiny Things. To get to Ookami Ningen, just type that into search or follow this SLURL.

Then I did a little mashup with it:

To get this look:

Skirt and corset: Dancing Swan Nocturne from Ookami Ningen
Boots: (Shiny Things) Old Boots - black
Belt: Pixel Dolls - Red (PD) Belts; Empress Jacket
Stockings: Szentasha part of ~J~ Nightsong Minidress - Crimson
Necklace: Random Calliope "But I'm Not The Only One - For Peace"
Earrings: /artilleri/ teardrop earrings
Skin: LF CHAI Skin -- Ginger -- Celebrity Freckles
Hair: Analog Dog Emma Black
Tats: *EtchD* Sleeves
Eyes: SS eyes series 2-27
Shape: custom

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