Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hey all you groovy fashion guys and gals. My good friend Coyote Momiji (and isn't that the coolest name EVAR?!) makes this faaabulousio latex stuffs. The store is called Slick and the stuff in it is slick indeed. I have purchased at least one of everything in her store and some I have purchased two of. Its always a race to see if I can buy it before she gives it to me. Today she won and she's about to make a post here about her amazing new Circe (yes THAT Circe) boots.

So she has this blog that she posts all her stuff in and I said to her today: "Coyo you gotta get yerself on Fashion Planet!" So she's going to do that. But Tao is a busy guy and it takes him a while sometimes so until that gets done, I made her a login to post here.

So look for Coyo right here at the Llama's Den and lots of groovalistic latexy stuffs. Oh yeah and just in case you don't want to wait for the posts -- you can go right there. Here's a SLURL!

Weeeeee! Finding out about new stores is fun!

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