Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Latex and Fur! New from Ookami Ningen

Zore did these really hawt hawt hawt (do you know you can't say "That's hot!" anymore cause Paris Hilton has trademarked it or something? Its true! She's suing Hallmark over it. How messed up is that?) anyway back to the mini kimonos which are, dare I say it?, HOT! These little numbers come in black latex and have fur cuffs and collars. They are sooper dooper minis as well and show the bottom of your bum when you walk which is, dare I say it?, HOT!

Seriously though these are really sexy and stylish to boot. They don't come in a gazillion pieces as Zore is wont to do with some of her packs so its just the kimono and fur pieces and are priced modestly at L$200. Available in her store at the Dark Eden Mall or in the main Ookami Ningen location in Crimson.

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