Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Formal Affair -- My last regularly scheduled DJ gig

I've been DJing a lot over the past year. I've worked at T1 Radio, Radio Radio, Phreak Radio, Bare Rose, The Blarney Stone, The Velvet, Activ8 and various other private events. With all this DJing I suppose it was inevitable I would burn out.

At the beginning of September I informed the last of my remaining DJ employers that I would be taking a long break -- possibly forever. Although forever is unlikely. What is more likely is that after a break I'll do special shows here and there. Be that as it may, tomorrow, September 29, which, appropos of nothing, also happens to be my mother's rl birthday, will be my last regular show. Good grief could I possibly get any more maudlin? Lets cheer this blog up!

So tomorrow night I'm gonna do one more rip roarin kick ass show to celebrate my new found freedom yippee! I'd love it if you all joined me. Its at Active8's Martini Lounge from 7-11pm SLT. I play big band, swing, and blues. Formal attire or at least evening wear is required.

Come and jam with me one last time.

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Anonymous said...

Vivianne, trust me I know all about taking a break and needing to take on. I'm sorry I missed your gig last night, but I do expect to hear you doing more things in SL (including returning back to DJing :-P).

Enjoy the break! (yes, I'm calling it a break!)