Sunday, September 23, 2007

Auld Lang Syne

I meant to post this a lot sooner. My apologies. In any case if you are a fan of either my Blarney Stone celtic music show or my eclectic oldies show at T1 Radio, today is the last time in a while, maybe forever, that you'll be able to catch them. I've quit all my regular DJ gigs. I'm really sorry to have to do this but its just getting to the point where its more like work to have to show up every week and, well, I already have a job. Two if you count the business management stuff.

I'm on really good terms with all my employers and you might see me picking up a guerilla show here and there when I start jonesin for the DJin. But for now, I need a long long break.

So today is the last day for the Blarney and T1 and next week will be my last Formal Affair with Activ8. I'll put the times here and there's SLURLS on the right-hand navigation pane or you can IM me for a TP.

Blarney -- Celtic Music, Today, Sunday, September 23, 10 am to Noon SLT
T1 Radio -- Eclectic Oldies from the 50s through the 90s, Today, Sunday, Setpember 23, 3-5pm SLT

Activ8 Formal Affair - Jazz, Big Band, Blues -- Formal or evening wear attire is required -- Saturday, September 29, 7-11pm SLT

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