Thursday, August 30, 2007

Latex Kimonos from Ookami Ningen

These are a little departure form the norm for Zorena but I saw one in real life and asked her to make them because she loves me. So she did. And they are really sooper cool. They came out about a week ago but as most of you know I was really involved in the SLCC and so I haven't had time to devote to Zore or Dark Eden or... well anyone outside of the SLCC really. But its over and I'm back!

The kimonos come in black and white and I have been begging her to add a few other colors.

The parasol is scripted with a pose and a few tiny raindrops that bounce on the surface of it. Sculpted dahlias adorn the headpiece and obi. The sleeves and train are both flexible.

Set includes 13 pieces. Shirt, skirt, pants, collar, obi, geta base, pair of geta, pair of sleeves, headpiece, skirt train, and parasol. the permissions are mod/no copy/tranfser and it sells for 300L.

Available from Ookami Ningen in the Dark Eden mall or at the Ookami Ningen main store in Crimson.

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