Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New from DMMDI: Soda Pop Candy Shoes

Oh dear gods save me. I'm really happy Chari is my friend and just lays these shoes on me or I'd have to go buy them all. Every time she showed me a new color I was like "GIMMIE!" Yeah Yeah I'll be getting review copies out real soon now. In the meantime, check this out:

Black Licorice

Bubblegum Soda

Red Licorice

Root Beer

St. Patty's Day (part of the prize package for the St. Patty's day hunt this weekend in all three Dublin sims)

I'm waiting for Chari to mail me on how much these are but knowing Chari, the price will be pretty good and if you are like me, and hate to wait go NOW to The Devil Made Me Do It store in Brithys. Once you get there I dare you to decide on just one color.

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Charissa Korvin said...

Thank you Vivi for posting!
Price is listed on the ads everyone!