Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Value at Fairchang! Ridiculously low land plot prices !!

For the December 'Bargain Hunt' promotion, prices of many plots, already on sale, have been reduced even further. Soo... if you need to expand to get more prim allowance or have a friend that wants to buy land -- If you want land for a store or for that wonderful home.... NOW is the time to buy.

Remember at Fairchang you can buy via the website at any time, get personalized service for any questions or problems you might have, can participate in a whole community with activities, prizes, and just good all around neighbors and everything on Fairchang is zoned -- which means you will never end up with a buttass-ugly, prim-heavy, lag-inducing blingy club in the backyard of your dream home.

Check the land for sale pages on the website and be shocked! But don't ask me where they are :P YOU have to find them

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