Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I got tagged

Y'all know this is a chain letter and is evil, right?

Eight random facts about me:

1) I hate chain letters
2) I really hate chain letters
3) Chain letters are the suck
4) Chain letters make baby cthulu cry (technically this is not about me but I am in solidarity with baby cthulu)
5) Did I mention I hated chain letters?
6) Chain letters make me cry too (see random fact 4 above)
7) Ok maybe chain letters don't make me cry but they cause a fair amount of non substantial anguish.
8) Last but not least I am not afraid to break the chain. However I am an old softy.

Pursuant with random fact 8, above, I am not tagging anyone Sherpa Davies I TAG YOU!!! So there ;p

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