Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter in Fairchang

The Fairchang Isles are undergoing a new look for the winter/holiday season and there's a lot going on in the community as well. Plans are afoot for for a Christmas Boat Parade around several sims. This is being planned by "another resident" but I shall smoke out who this nefarious Christmas Parade Planner is and reveal the culprit.

Yet another resident is working on a contest for the best decorated parcel. My sources tell me this is none other than the infamous William Fairchang and he is offering prizes of L$10,000 and L$5,000.

Meanwhile, about that Expo center I told you was in the works -- we are still plotting and scheming a good design for it. So while we are doing that, Pituca and Garth decided to turn it into a winter wonderland recreation area.

That's me at the Fairchang Expo sim wearing Ookami Ningen's Chanel Russian Sable jacket with Dark Eden Nu Kua skirt and Metis skates. Behind me is the large flaming ring you can jump through and if you do you get your name in lights -- or at least on a list of people who have accomplished this feat. Also on location is a Moopf vendor so you can buy skates right on the spot.

That's me again skiing down a mountain. And just like in real life, I suck at skiing. But you might not. There's a vendor where you can buy William Fairchang's skis right on the site.

And as if that was not enough, Fairchang Vista, Wharf, Lido and Balboa -- where the public parks are, have also been winterized. Previously I thought that was something I did to my car but the Fairchangs have reinvented the term.

The public park on the Fairchang Vista sim.

So how, you might ask, can I get in on this. Well the public places are there for all to enjoy (the expo sim and the public parks) but you have to be a Fairchang resident to get in on the boat parade and decoration contest. However that's never been easier or more affordable than right now. The bargain plot hunt continues through the month of December at Some plots have been reduced to very low prices (ridiculously low or so sayeth the web page) -- all you have to do is find them. So if you are in the market for land that comes with a built-in community, the excellent service the Fairchangs are famous for, as well as value that can't be beat -- go check out

p.s. to find the Fairchang sims mentioned above, just map Fairchang Expo, Fairchang Vista, Fairchang Lido, Fairchang Wharf, or Fairchang Balboa.

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