Friday, November 30, 2007

Ice Dancer -- New from Ookami Ningen

These ice skating outfits are to die for. They look so good with just normal boots or shoes too -- you don't *have* to wear the skates with them. This 13 piece set includes sweater, sweater shorts, plain and fur collars, plain and fur cuffs, two skirts and a pair of skates with the foot base. This is the first collaborative effort from Zorena Deckard of Ookami Ningen and Etain Peregrine of Dark Eden.

Zore has her wonderful fur around the collars and cuffs and the outfits can be worn with or without. And I think they come in all 8 of the Dark Eden standard colors to match the ice skates. Anyway right now you can get these for L$300 at Ookami Ningen on Dark Eden Island. Just search for either or use the SLURL on the right. They will be available at Dark Eden as well next week.

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