Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Men's Cossack Chic by Ookami Ningen (plus other stuff)

I know a lot of people blogged about the Cossack Chic by Ookami Ningen earlier in the month. Zorena was contacted by oogobs of men who wanted to know why she was not showing them the luv. Well gents, its out. The Dashing Cossack for Men by Ookami Ningen.

The next few pics are not necessarily new releases but Zorena is new to the whole advertising thing so think of these as a re-release. The first is the Hellenic Magister formal outfit for men -- although you don't have to wear it to a formal.

However, if you were going to a formal, or perhaps a Night on the Opera, this flexible two-layer cloak, tophat and cane might be just your thing. One thing Zorena does (that many designers are starting to do) is to let you know where the other items she uses in her ads come from. In this case, to compliment the outerwear, her model is wearing the Corinthian Suit from Rose Petal Creations.

Last but certainly not least is the Wolven Embrace cloak sporting Zorena's fabulous fur textures. We were somewhat hesitant to present this in summer but as there is no season in Second Life we figured why not.

All items can be found at Ookami Ningen in Crimson or in her store at the Dark Eden Mall. The SLURL to both places can be found in the right-hand side panel of this blog under the Business Management heading.

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