Friday, June 29, 2007

Blossom Kimonos by Ookami Ningen

These are truly works of beauty. Each texture is lovingly handcrafted by Zorena -- twice! cause SL made her computer go boom and photoshop lost the textures the first time around. There are four sets: Lily Blossom, Peony Blossom, Rose Blossom and Sakura Blossom. All are florals on a hand painted satin base. The sets consist of 12 pieces. Top, skirt, glitch pants, tabi socks, pair of zori sandals and base, set of 2 sode (sleeves), 2 different styles of obi, and a kanzashi (golden hair ornament). All mod/ trans except the shoes and hair ornament. The hair in the pictures is available at MAU's and MEJ's. The kimonos are available at Ookami Ningen in Crimson or the Dark Eden mall. The SLURLs are to the right of this blog.

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