Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Then and now

How much has SL changed from when you started?

Here's how much it has changed for me. When I started, Canimal used to be the place you went for vinyl, fishnets, funky clothing and tattoos.

Today I'm cruising FashionPlanet and I see this:

I went to Canimal which is another fine maternity store and was pleased to discover the new selection of conservative, classy dresses. They are perfect for executive meetings, and for any job interview. I highly recommend them to any mother to be.

I showed that to a few friends and their reaction was similar to mine. Canimal? Interview and maternity clothing? We are thinking maybe its a spoof because the pics surrounding the quote aren't conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

But if it isn't a spoof -- How things change.


Lizbeth Saenz said...

Fashion Victim is not your regular fashion blog, to say the least. The girls there have a very unique sense of style and are for from being barbies.

Canimal doesn't really carry maternity clothing. That particular blogger chooses to have a pregnancy shape and wears pretty much what she feels like and calls it maternity wear. :P All tongue in cheek if I'm not mistaken.

I suggest your read Fashion Victim, you'll get the idea of what the blog is like after a few posts. ;)

Cinnamon Coffee said...

You are a dumb WHORE!!! Canimal rox and you SUX! Suck it! FV 4 Eva bitches!