Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[PM] Sculpted Nails - V2 : Platinum Edition : Gloss

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V2 Includes:

•Square Tip w/natural nail curve
•20 High Gloss Textures
•20 Med Gloss Textures
•4 French Manicure Textures
•Built in PM Hand Lock - nails stay in place, relaxed hand position
•HUD Controlled
•Hand Sizes: 20| 30 |40 | 50
•Copy & Mod : Adjust your own nail length
•28 Preset Fingertip Glove Layers for nail skin over spreading
•1 Tintable Fingertip Glove Layer

I have added a hand lock to the nails, your hands will stay in a relaxed state. When you first put your nails on, do it in a place where scripts are allowed to to run, after that, you can tp around, dance, "cuddle" and your nails will stay in place.

I also created a new nail sculpt for these, with a natural curve conforming to your avatar fingertips.

You can mod your nails adjusting the length to your liking. When you do, make sure the building option is set to: grid is is unchecked and stretch both sides is also unchecked. You will have more control over the length ;)

The fingertip glove layers are purely optional. My skin, has some serious nail spreading and I couldn't wear my first version of the nails so I made some gloves. If you have any problems matching your skin tone, let me know who the maker is and what skin and i will get your RGB/HSL colors.

Always make a back up copy first before any editing. If your hands do not fall into the available range,  adjust your hands to the closest available. If you are a 34, make your hand 30, its not a big diff visually.

Presets include : :LAQ | Curio | Redgrave | PXL | Bellaza | Tuli | OC | Blowpop.

All the gloves are modifiable/copy. If you find a tone that is close to yours you will still be able to tint it further. A white layer is also included.


Available at [PM] Pixel Mode : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pixel%20Dreams/147/211/25

Version 2: when you walk in the store, it is beside the new releases, to the right, when you walk in.

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